Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a coffee drinker. What other kinds of beverages do you have?
We definitely cater to the non-coffee drinker, as well! We have the most amazing smoothies, hot tea, iced tea, and kombucha. Check out our non-coffee drinks hot drinks & cold drinks menu pages.

Do you have decaf?
Yes! We not only have decaf brewed coffee, but we can also do any of our lattes as decaf!

Do you have soy or other non-dairy milk alternatives?
We offer almond and oat milk. If you’ve never tried oat milk, we highly recommend it! It makes your latte very creamy and flavorful!

What is kombucha?
Kombucha is a cultured tea with amazing health benefits such as antioxidants, key nutrients, immune-boosters and liver detoxification. We offer a variety of flavors (by the 12oz serving or 24oz bottle) for you to enjoy in-house or to take home with you. For more information, please read this explanation from our friends & supplier, KomBlu Kombucha.

Do you serve food?
Of course! If it’s breakfast or lunch you are looking for, we have wonderful breakfast burritos, savory quiche, bagels with cream cheese, a garlicy grilled cheese and hot soups….all served all day! If you’re looking for a snack that’s not too sweet, we highly recommend the raspberry heaven bar or apricot & pecan scone.  For your sweet-tooth, we have our signature smile sugar & chocolate chip cookies, cake pops and mini cheesecakes. We’re constantly changing and adding to our menu so check out our food menu page for the latest….or better yet, stop on in and see what goodies we happen to have today!

Do you have a rewards or loyalty program?
We sure do!  We offer a loyalty card that can be pre/reloaded with any denomination, however, if you load it with $30 or more, we’ll add an extra $5 on us.

Do you have free Wifi?
We do! Feel free to bring in your laptop or tablet to get some work done in our comfy and friendly environment. Just ask one of our baristas for the password.

What is Greek coffee?
Are you familiar with Turkish coffee? It’s essentially the same thing. It is a very strong black coffee served in a small (demitasse) cup with fine grounds in the bottom. If you’re lucky and catch one of the Greek elders in-house, they may be willing to read your future in the grounds when you’re finished.

What is coffee soda?
The easiest way to describe coffee soda is as carbonated iced coffee. It can be a little different depending on where you get it. Some use espresso, some use cold brew….some use seltzer water, some use ginger ale, etc. A coffee soda at EYCC is our house-made cold brew with your choice of tonic or kombucha. We highly recommend you give it a try!

I love the vibe of your shop and would love to host a party there. Do you allow private events?
Absolutely! We are thrilled that you want to host your friends/family/coworkers in our happy space! Check out our Private Events page for details.

I’m hosting an event and would like to have an espresso bar. Do you have the ability to set up remotely?
We’re so glad you asked! Espresso Yourself Around Town is our mobile service that brings a little bit of our happiness to your home/office/event. Check out our Mobile Services page or for availability and pricing info, shoot us an email to

I see you promote that you offer bags of used coffee grounds. What kinds of things do people do with them?
The most common uses for used coffee grounds are in gardens as an insect repellent and/or fertilizer. They can also be used indoors as an odor absorbent or cleaning abrasive. Coffee grounds can make wonderful candles and facial scrubs. There are so many uses that we won’t bore you with more details. Google it – you’ll be amazed! Then stop by and grab a bag sitting right out on our front patio.

Are you ever have special events or open in the evenings?
We do hold special evening events like Open Mic on the 2nd Monday of every month as well as periodic book clubs and art classes. We’re always interested in new event ideas so if you’ve got one, we’d love to hear it. Check out our calendar page for details and, of course, check back often as we’re adding things all the time. One of the best ways to keep informed is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Oh, and join our mailing list (sign up form to your right) to receive our newsletter.